Lukman Opeyemi Abimbola
2 min readOct 20, 2022

A high conversion rate is a trigger and macro trend that demonstrates your brand marketing efforts and growth rate in converting traffic into leads and then paying customers.

The fact remains that few startup founders and entrepreneurs embrace sales and marketing by failing to perform Go-to-Market math to determine how much of their website traffic converts into leads, how many of those leads convert into opportunities or trials, and how many of those opportunities or trials convert to sales.

This is one of the things I discovered and realized during my startup journey, as well as why I failed at several startups. This is in line with the fact that 96% of startups fail and only 4% make it to the seed round.

Your brand marketing is broken because most website visitors must see your brand at least seven times before they take action and consider buying.

Your website should be your most important digital marketing channel because it is one of the few channels over which you have complete control.

The issue that I believe most websites or online businesses have is that they are unable to close more sales due to insufficient sales engagement and a low conversion rate.

Because most businesses don’t take this important process seriously, the ability to optimize your website conversion and convert a high percentage of website visitors into leads and sales can give you a competitive advantage.

Breakthroughs are achieved by being willing to do what your competitors are not willing to do. If you want a different result, you must act differently.

This marginalization of your brand marketing and website conversion is a large part of the solution for entrepreneurs and startup founders who are wondering why their brand marketing isn’t generating as many leads, signups, and sales as it used to.

In today’s world of changing marketing tools and tactics, the challenge for growth-focused entrepreneurs and startup founders should be this: how do you engage users and convert more website visitors or traffic into leads and sales?



Lukman Opeyemi Abimbola

I work at Dazzlos.ng and we create software that helps salespeople optimize sales conversion using proof-based marketing.